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Hunters speak about Soap Creek Outfitters

157-inches-MASSI never thought I would have an opportunity to kill a deer like this. 12pts with over 42" of mass it was a deer of a lifetime. My buck ended up gross scoring 157 3/8! I just wanted to thank you for a great hunt. It was a deer life time for me. I can't get over the mass on the mature deer in your area. There is always a possibility at anytime while hunting to see a world class whitetail. Thanks again for a hunt of a lifetime. Look forward to hunting with you again hopefully this year.
Keith Comer

Missouri Provides P&Y Buck #4 by JT November 24th, 2009

archery-09-009Hey Brian, Just got home from Ohio today.  I had my buck scored.  here's some of the better pics I'll send the rest sometime.  We really appreciated everything you did for us.  We had a great time and can't wait to get back out.  We're still trying to decide to wait 3 years for archery or apply for muzzleloader.

Thanks again for everything,

Spread- 14"

left main- 21 6/8"
g1-  4 1/8
g2-  7 5/8
g3-  8 5/8
g4-  4 6/8
c1-  4
c2-  3 4/8
c3-  4
c4-  4
Left total- 62 3/8"

right main-  22"
g1-  4 6/8
g2-  9 2/8
g3-  8 6/8
g4-  4 4/8
c1-  4 2/8
c2-  4
c3-  4 1/8
c4-  3 5/8
right total-  65 2/8"










Total-  141 5/8" gross
137 4/8" net

Brian, I just wanted to thank you for the hunt that we got to experience this week even though the weather did not help. Hopefully you will have a good week with the gun hunters and maybe more big boys will be moving.
Thanks again
Brian Johnson