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I first drew an Iowa tag in 2012 and visited Soap Creek Outfitter in the bow season of that year. It was a year when EHD seemed to be in full swing, but coming from the Northeast it was still pretty damn good hunting. I saw a few shooters, but went home empty handed yet impressed with the accommodations and property. I again drew a bow tag in 2018 and WOW, the hunting was second to none! It was impressive to be spread out through Brian’s property, with only four bow hunters for the season, to come in for dinner and find that each of the hunters were seeing 10+ bucks each day. It is truly low impact hunting, top notch accommodations, and everything that you read about in magazines. Listen to what Brian is telling you, he knows his property and will put you in the best spot for you to tag your Iowa Giant!
Thanks again Brian… I just bought my preference point and hope that you will reserve a spot for Erik and I in the 2022 bow season!
Talk to you soon,


Good morning, just wanted to let u know what a great time I had. To drive halfway across the country and meet someone like you was my pleasure, thanks for welcoming me. From the lodge to your beer and toys was top notch and a great experience. The buck activity was unbelievable, having an opportunity at a shooter every sit was insane. Cannot wait to come see you again!! Thanks and god bless!!  Randy

Mike from PA

Brian I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what an awesome time I had bow hunting on your farm.  From day one I was in awe of the deer numbers I saw.  Out of 7 days of hunting I saw a shooter buck five of the seven days.  I saw eleven bucks just in the last two days I was there.  The one buck was a real heart stopper.  I want to thanks you again for a really once in a lifetime hunt.  From the lodge to the restaurant, the pizza was the best I ever hadJ  You really run a first class operation.  I would recommend Soap Creek Outfitters to anybody.  I hope to come back with my son in a couple of years to muzzleloader hunt.  So if there is anything I can do to further your hunts feel free to call.  Once again thank you for a great experience.

Mike from PA


Darin L. Fisher

I need to start by expressing how truly thankful I am for my friendship with Brian Lindberg.  His willingness to help me any time I need it has not gone unnoticed!  I cherish our friendship and truly have cherished this experience.  Those of you who know Brian can vouch for his character, integrity and conviction.  His lodge and properties are incredible, definitely a destination you can’t afford to pass up.  Thanks Brian for pushing me into this J!!!

On to 2011 where in early Oct. I  set up my trail camera just off the edge of some cut corn where I had seen him most often in 2010.   On Oct. 28th I got the first photo of this buck at about 10 AM (1st photo).  I sent this photo to Brian and his first inclination was to laugh and ask what hunting magazine I got the photo from.  Candidly, I had to send him a second, more convincing text to persuade him the photo was real.  After seeing the photo, Brian loaned me his bow and MADE me take up bow hunting specifically for the purpose of hunting this deer.  Before Oct. 28th, 2011 I had never hunted with a bow so I went to the local archery shop (Bluff Creek Archery) in Albia, upgraded the accessories, got a crash course in bow hunting and its terminology, and practiced my A$$ off.  I had Brian help me re-position a stand location about 25 yards from a large scrape in a small finger of woods on the west side of the property.  This finger, maybe 40 yards wide by 80 yards long, jetted out into the picked corn and was used heavily as cover for the deer as they moved from one part of the field to another.  This was also a mere 50 yards from the trail camera where the photos were taken.   Needless to say, the first week wasn’t pretty and frankly made me question my decision.  Free beer at Brian’s lodge if you’d like the funny stories of my first week in stand… J.

Darins__BuckOn Dec. 2nd the winds were perfect... this time out of the SE at 7-8 mph.  A SE wind would allow the deer to hit the scrape the without alerting him of my presence.  Before jumping up into the stand, I hit the scrape I watched him work on Nov. 30th with Tink’s Power Scrape (non-paid endorsement J).  At about 3:30 I had a small spike come in from the south, bed down 25 yards from the stand for about 30 minutes, then walk just to the left of my stand and out into the picked corn to feed.  As I watched the spike in the corn I could hear movement to my left.  After a few minutes I glanced over my shoulder and out into the picked corn.  I was stunned… he was there!  I remember thinking “Holy S***, It’s HIM”  as my heart went from 60 to 160 instantly.  I tried not to stare at his rack but the mass up close was stunning.  He milled on the field edge for only a moment and made a B-line for the scrape I had sprayed down.  He worked it hard for a few moments as if another buck was trying to invade his territory.  He took the few crucial steps to his right needed to bring him perfectly into range.  I gathered my composure, drew back, buried my 20 yd pin behind his shoulder and let it fly.  The hit was true but a touch low (where we encountered first blood was actually 24 yards).  He ran about 40 yards down the field’s edge and stood there for several minutes.  I could tell he was hurt badly.  He turned and walked into the timber and bedded down.  I felt that the execution was good and the wound was fatal, he just need time to expire.  Rather than wait until morning we felt that due to the heavy rains that were forecasted for later that night & Saturday morning, our best chance of tracking the blood was later that evening.  We gave the deer about 3 ½ hours and went back out.  As Brian eluded to, although we had a ton of blood initially, we did run out of blood.  Needless to say I was devastated!  Rather than push him, we collectively decided to back out and come back in the morning.  Little did we know that as we stood there in the dark at the sight of last blood the deer lay no more than 20 yards from us in a thicket.  Quite an incredible end to a wonderful, memorable, humbling experience.  Thanks Brian, I owe you big time!  DF

Darin L. Fisher

Iowa deer hunt.


Well I have had a few days to reflect on my Iowa deer hunt. In the 15 days of hunting I saw over 90 bucks and at least 6 shooters over the 140 limit. I also was able to experience the many things that come with the whitetail rut such as grunting, rattlling, deer chasing & breeding. There was hardly a dull moment in the 120 hours I spent in the deer stand. Being from Wyoming, the hardwood forest is a nice change from the mountains that I live in. The turkey's, bob cats and all of the other small game reminded of my youth in PA.

The lodge worked great and the freedom to come and go was nice. I am sorry that Dan and I didn't live up to our part. As you know Dan got a shot at a world class deer that was at the least 170 plus. Me of course after passing on 90 plus bucks SCREWED UP and killed a 2 1/2 year from a ground blind because of a fast and flawed decision. I learned a good lesson even after 40 year of hunting. I guess it's never to late to learn.

Look forward to our next adventure and your Wyoming elk hunt. Give my best to Barb and thanks again for your generosity.

Your Friend,
Jerry Boda

Iowa Hunting

gardner-2001-183-inchesQuality Iowa Hunting Operation

I have hunted South Eastern Iowa and Northern Missouri with Brian Lindberg of Soup Creek Outfitters since 2001. I have hunted Iowa 3 times and Missouri 3 times. I have shot 5 bucks with Brian ranging from 130 inches to a 16 point 181 3/8 non typical 16 pt buck. It scored 162 as a main frame 8 pt. His hunting land is better than Buffalo County Wisconsin and I have hunted there with an outfitter and Brian's farms were much better than Buffalo County. One afternoon on one of Brian's farms I saw 3 bucks ranging from 145 class to a 175 inch. His deer are not pressured. I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY huge BUCK RUBS. I wish I could hunt with Brian more. His Lodge and hunting cabins have always been clean and comfortable. But you only draw an Iowa non resident bow tag every 3 yrs. Don Gardner 608-669-2817

2007 Hunters

Just wanted to thank you for the great bowhunt at Soap Creek Outfitters.On our phone conversations you said that we would be pleasantly surprised about the bucks we would see.Well you were right Tom and I each saw well over 30 some bucks from our stands. That's not even counting the many trophy bucks sighted from our cabin and truck. You truely have great potential for trophy bucks for many years to come. The property was beautiful and cabin was clean and comfortable. I appreciate your effort in making sure our hunt was enjoyable and successful. To top it all off we were both fortunate enough to take trophy bucks. We can hardly wait the time it will take to get back to Iowa and hunt with you again. Enjoy the holidays and take care.

2007 Deer Season

2009 Season

157-inches-MASSI never thought I would have an opportunity to kill a deer like this. 12pts with over 42" of mass it was a deer of a lifetime. My buck ended up gross scoring 157 3/8! I just wanted to thank you for a great hunt. It was a deer life time for me. I can't get over the mass on the mature deer in your area. There is always a possibility at anytime while hunting to see a world class whitetail. Thanks again for a hunt of a lifetime. Look forward to hunting with you again hopefully this year.
Keith Comer

Missouri Provides P&Y Buck #4 by JT November 24th, 2009

archery-09-009Hey Brian, Just got home from Ohio today.  I had my buck scored.  here's some of the better pics I'll send the rest sometime.  We really appreciated everything you did for us.  We had a great time and can't wait to get back out.  We're still trying to decide to wait 3 years for archery or apply for muzzleloader.

Thanks again for everything,

Spread- 14"

left main- 21 6/8"
g1-  4 1/8
g2-  7 5/8
g3-  8 5/8
g4-  4 6/8
c1-  4
c2-  3 4/8
c3-  4
c4-  4
Left total- 62 3/8"

right main-  22"
g1-  4 6/8
g2-  9 2/8
g3-  8 6/8
g4-  4 4/8
c1-  4 2/8
c2-  4
c3-  4 1/8
c4-  3 5/8
right total-  65 2/8"










Total-  141 5/8" gross
137 4/8" net

Brian, I just wanted to thank you for the hunt that we got to experience this week even though the weather did not help. Hopefully you will have a good week with the gun hunters and maybe more big boys will be moving.
Thanks again
Brian Johnson

2006 Hunters:

I wanted to drop you a note on my hunt in Iowa.

Quality potential for your properties looks to be good. Even though the weather was warm my buck sightings were numerous with seeing a shooter most days of the hunt. Thirteen(13) bucks were seen that would score 125" or better and six(6) of those being 140" or better with one(1) B&C(190") sighting along with many smaller bucks that appear to have great potential for the up and coming years. The tract we hunted was absolutely beautiful with the mixture of timber and fields. Adjacent properties of private landowners on the QDM is also very helpful in maintaining quality deer. The cabin and its location to the property was as close as walking out the front/back door. Deer and turkey were seen in the yard around the cabin. The buck I took was only a bonus to the total experince of the hunt. Continue to maintain the quality experience. I look forward to returning as soon as possible and bringing my son.

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