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Hunters speak about Soap Creek Outfitters


Well I have had a few days to reflect on my Iowa deer hunt. In the 15 days of hunting I saw over 90 bucks and at least 6 shooters over the 140 limit. I also was able to experience the many things that come with the whitetail rut such as grunting, rattlling, deer chasing & breeding. There was hardly a dull moment in the 120 hours I spent in the deer stand. Being from Wyoming, the hardwood forest is a nice change from the mountains that I live in. The turkey's, bob cats and all of the other small game reminded of my youth in PA.

The lodge worked great and the freedom to come and go was nice. I am sorry that Dan and I didn't live up to our part. As you know Dan got a shot at a world class deer that was at the least 170 plus. Me of course after passing on 90 plus bucks SCREWED UP and killed a 2 1/2 year from a ground blind because of a fast and flawed decision. I learned a good lesson even after 40 year of hunting. I guess it's never to late to learn.

Look forward to our next adventure and your Wyoming elk hunt. Give my best to Barb and thanks again for your generosity.

Your Friend,
Jerry Boda