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The News

2018 Season

The last of the hunters just headed home.  Percentage wise three of out four bow hunters took bucks home.  Four of the four 2nd season shotgun hunters took bucks home.  The year was going great until the 2nd shotgun season when the weather turned warm.  Deer movement was strictly at night.  One of the four hunters took bucks home.  What I felt was going to be a disaster of a late muzzleloader season turned into deer moving all over the area.  I feel that this is due to pressure from the surrounding areas that are being hunted.  We average 10 hunters per year so they do not feel the pressure here.  Bucks were losing their antlers early but we still saw a couple of the 150’s and 160’s during the day.  We still have an abundance of turkey if you are interested in a turkey hunt.

Take care and be safe,

Brian Lindberg
Soap Creek Outfitters

2017 Season

Soap Creek Outfitters has always practiced quality deer management. Taking a lot of hunters will not make the hunting better. We strive to keep the quality up and hunter numbers low. As you can tell by the photos this year we have the quality. We have been taking an average of eight to ten hunters per year. Some hunters had chances at 160 to 180 class bucks in the first two days while others tagged out in four to six days. Late season showed us some 160 class bucks that were busted up from fighting so we gave them a pass until next year. Worst case scenario is a 75% success rate on 140 class bucks on up. I preach to the hunters not to take the 140" bucks which is the minimum. The bucks may have the frame but age will give them the mass to make them a trophy in 2018 and 2019. Congratulations to our hunters for waiting and for taking quality bucks this year. For availability for 2018 and 2019 Contact Brian 641-895-3224

2007 Season

The 2007 hunting season will be hard to beat.  The season started in October with the temperatures and the moon being perfect for the bow hunters.  We almost had a 100% success rate in Iowa for the bow hunters. Some hunters reported seeing as many as 60 different bucks while hunting here.  One hunter after taking his buck filmed 15 bucks in one evening. Most hunters saw bucks in the 160’s and 170’s with a couple of 180’s being sighted.

We had a very old unique buck taken in Missouri that scored over 171 with 21 points. We still have one of the 190 to 200 class bucks in Missouri that we have seen each year.  By the end of December he had already shed his horns.

We also had some unique non typical bucks taken with junk on one side while the other side was normal.  We had some great bucks taken with great character this year.  After the fist bow hunters finished up and the full moon came back it was as if you flipped a switch.  Daytime activity almost stopped for the bigger bucks above 140 inches. We still managed to take some good bucks in November and December with a lot of snow on the ground. When thinking about deer hunting with us think about turkey hunting with the idea that you are scouting for the upcoming deer hunt.

Have a safe season

2005 Season

2005 season...
The 2005 season was very positive in regards to the great bucks taken as well as the bucks that were seen by our hunters. We had more bucks taken this year in the 160 to 167 class range then in any other year. Hunters still missed shots this year at deer in the 150's, 160's & 180's The Missouri land has taken off since some of it has been under our control for five years now. The two largest bucks seen in Missouri were 180 inches and 200 inches. Both bucks were seen without a clean shot opportunity by our hunters. The 200 inch has now been seen three years in a row on the same farm.

New for 2006, I am being forced to raise our minimum class buck from 130 inches to 140 inches. If a hunters wants to take a smaller buck he may do so if he wants to pay a $500 payment for the buck. At Soap Creek Outfitters 98% of our hunters see the bucks in the 140 to 150 class range while hunting so this shouldn't be a problem if they will hunt for at least two days before pulling the trigger. 80% of our hunters this year saw bucks in the 160 to 170 class range. Also for 2006 we are offering the chance to carry a muzzleloader during the shotgun season if you draw an Iowa tag. Remember to take a kid hunting!!

2008 Season

The big plans for 2009 will be the completion of the new hunting lodge in Iowa. Even if you are staying in the lodge the rates for a hunt will not be going up. We are still keeping the number of hunters low with the rates as competitive as possible.  

Thanks for hunting with us and stay in touch,

Brian Lindberg

Soap Creek Outfitters

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