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News on our Season

I checked the cameras again:)  One new Tasco isn't working but the Wildgame camera is thank goodness.

This buck has been seen a few times but he keeps coming out right at dark.  I think Gary from MI saw him a few times:)

Jerry from Iowa is coming in on Sunday for the muzzleloader season.  I am betting this buck goes home with him if he is hungry.

Thanks  Brian Lindberg 641-895-3224


In Iowa it has been a strange year.  The hunters are seeing several bucks in the 140's to 150's while hunting but we aren't seeing the upper end bucks like in the past during the season.  We had seen a buck in the 200's while putting up hay this summer  and a few sitings on a couple of 170's but not as many as in the past.  One hunter on Friday may have seen the 190 to 200 incher the day before the gun season but he couldn't be sure of the size of the rack.  This is the first year in a long time that I can't say the most of the hunters will see the bucks in the 170's or larger whole here.  It may just be a cycle or the weather or the ????  Last year we had several chances at the 170's and 180's but missed the shots.  This year we have had chances at 150's and some made good while others didn't.  

The season isn't over, I will keep you posted on how we end up.  

Brian Lindberg 641-895-3224 Soap Creek Outfitters