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2014 Season Wrap Up

2014 wrap up for Soap Creek Outfitters.   After the EHD went through the Midwest states in 2013 as well as our area I hesitated to bring in too many hunters for 2014.  After having eight cameras going and capturing several great bucks I was wishing I had encouraged the bow hunters more to hunt this year.  The deer have really rebounded with the perfect spring and summer we had.  With all the great bucks on the cameras I feel like 2015 and 2016 will be back to what we had in the past.  The deer numbers are still down due to the EHD but that is the way Mother Nature is.  We had a great growing season in 2014 and the deer are healthy.  I have seen a couple of 180 class bucks taken in the area for 2014.  Right now most dates are open and I suggest you get on board because the bucks have come back.  

Brian Lindberg
641 895 3224