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The News

2018 Season

The last of the hunters just headed home.  Percentage wise three of out four bow hunters took bucks home.  Four of the four 2nd season shotgun hunters took bucks home.  The year was going great until the 2nd shotgun season when the weather turned warm.  Deer movement was strictly at night.  One of the four hunters took bucks home.  What I felt was going to be a disaster of a late muzzleloader season turned into deer moving all over the area.  I feel that this is due to pressure from the surrounding areas that are being hunted.  We average 10 hunters per year so they do not feel the pressure here.  Bucks were losing their antlers early but we still saw a couple of the 150’s and 160’s during the day.  We still have an abundance of turkey if you are interested in a turkey hunt.

Take care and be safe,

Brian Lindberg
Soap Creek Outfitters